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In 2013, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union will undergo major reforms. The reforms will influence the way our food is produced, how the European landscape is shaped and the way our food is distributed on a global scale.In other words, they will determine the future of our food. This does not make the CAP an issue solely for politicians and farmers, but for every European citizen

In May 2011, the Youth Food Movement (YFM) has launched its project‘CAP 2013: Food for Change’. YFM argues that the CAP’s focus should be on the production of good, clean and fair food.Sustainability should be the core value of the new policy. Also young people should think about and get engaged in the public debate concerning the CAP. The message of youngsters should be heard by policymakers. Visit the CAP 2013  website:

Young People's Lobby 

Whereas 1959 was the year when the first master plan for European food production was born, in 2013 young people will be co-designers of a new master plan. The main objective of the project is to form a people’s lobby delegation to go to Brussels in 2012 in order to present its proposals for a new European food production policy. Sustainability should be the core value of this policy.

Let us create an international movement of young farmers, chefs, food professionals and – most important – consumers. In the coming year we will thoroughly investigate the CAP and its influence on what we buy, cook and eat. With the eye of an outsider we will question every aspect of the policy. We need your input and support in this quest. By signing the petition, you support our vision and search for a CAP that promotes good, clean and fair food for everyone. We aim at 1 million signatures by the end of 2012.  !

If you want to support us in the lobby delegation, send an e-mail to


Kick-off CAP 2013: Food for Change Campaign from Youth Food Movement on Vimeo.


International Dialogue - Videoblogs on CAP / Food Politics 

In light of the CAP2013 campaign two sort of video blog series were produced to stimulate public debate and share thoughts on the future CAP reforms among young people, farmers, consumers, policy makers and government officials. The first video blog series was a co-production of the YFM NL and the Young Farmers Association (NAJK), called: 'The Future of Our Food'. Food security, food safety, animal welfare, socialization and rejuvenation our themes that are discussed between a city biy and several farmers. After the Dutch version, Greece made the videblog series 'Farming on Crisis' discussing problems and opportunities the economic crisis holds for Greek agriculture and the possibilities of the new CAP for Greece. Also want to make a videblog series on CAP and stimulate public debate? Send an email to

Soon after the video blog series, the webcampaign FoodPoliticsEU was launched. This is a coproduction between NAJK, YFM NL and the broader Slow Food Young Network. FoodPoliticsEU aims to facilitate public debate with a Europenan dimension, to contribute to a new vision on the future of our food.  If you want to write a blog or contribute in some way this global debate on CAP, please contact


Videoblog on CAP | Trailer from Youth Food Movement on Vimeo.

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In Ghee gaan met Albert Heijn, mag dat?

In Ghee gaan met Albert Heijn, mag dat?


Tijdens de tweede aflevering van It's the Food, my Friend! klonk een eensgezind pleidooi van de drie sprekers: boeren moeten zo min mogelijk in zee gaan met supermarkten. Maar de economische realiteit blijkt weerbarstig. Alexis de Roode doet verslag.

Vacature Bestuursvoorzitter

Vacature Bestuursvoorzitter


We zijn op zoek naar een bestuursvoorzitter die samen met het bestuur verantwoordelijk is voor de continuïteit en impact van de YFM.

Versgarantie = wastegarantie

Versgarantie = wastegarantie


Afgelopen week lanceerde Plus deze reclame. Maar het is natuurlijk onzin dat bloemkool met een plekje meteen oneetbaar is. Wij maakten een nieuwe versie van de reclame: "Ben je helemaal betoeterd?"

It's the Food, my Friend! 2015

It's the Food, my Friend! 2015


Vanaf dinsdag 3 februari gaan we weer in 6 avonden op zoek naar een voedselvisie voor Nederland om op 28 april tijdens de Grande finale af te sluiten met maar liefst 5 YFM-ers, en geeft Joszi Smeets een visie op ons toekomstige voedselsysteem.

Carlo Petrini krijgt oeuvreprijs

Carlo Petrini krijgt oeuvreprijs


Vrijdag 16 januari ontving Carlo Petrini uit handen van prof. Louise Fresco de Johannes van Damprijs. Petrini kreeg de oeuvreprijs voor zijn bijdrage aan de internationale voedselcultuur en de groeiende waardering voor lokale gastronomie.

Nieuwjaarsborrel YFM met Carlo Petrini

Nieuwjaarsborrel YFM met Carlo Petrini


Gelukkig 2015! Samen met onze leden willen wij graag de start van een nieuw jaar vieren. Maar, dit doen we niet alleen.. niemand minder dan mede-oprichter van Slow Food, Carlo Petrini zal hierbij aanwezig zijn!